To follow along with this article, you need to complete the following prerequisites:

  • You should know What is a Domain and a Subdomain?
  • Register a domain name, such as You can purchase one from domain name registrars, such as

To add a domain from the control panel, open the Create menu and click Domains/DNS.


This brings you to the Networking section’s Domains tab. Enter your domain into the Enter domain field, then click Add Domain.

The system performs a DNS lookup to see if the domain has already been added to DigitalOcean. If it has, you’ll receive a message that says Data domain Name already exists. If the domain has not been previously added to DigitalOcean’s DNS service, it will be added.

The domains you’ve added are listed on the Domains page.


Once you’ve added a domain, click its name to view and modify its DNS records.

You can add records in the Create a new record section. The DNS records section lists any existing records for the domain, and you can modify or delete records from the record’s More menu.

Verify Your Domain’s Delegation

You can use the dig command-line tool to verify your domain’s delegation by running the command:


If the query returns anything other than DigitalOcean’s name servers in the ANSWER SECTION of the results, your domain may not be correctly delegated.

;; ANSWER SECTION:		1800	IN	NS		1800	IN	NS		1800	IN	NS

Note: If you have recently changed your domain’s delegation, it may take up to 48 hours for your domain’s new delegation to propagate across the internet.

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