Murtaza Sultani

Passionate Technologist

Hi! Thanks for visiting my website. I am a Senior Software Developer and UX/UI Designer.

I focus on web development, Restful and GraphQL API services. My primary language is Javascript and I can work with other languages like Python, Java and PHP. Frameworks and libraries I use on a daily basis: Vue, ReactJS, Laravel, Django, Node.js.

During the last 4+ years as a Software Developer, I’ve been working with different leading companies from various industries, helping them to build new services and improve existing ones.

I enjoy working on projects that have a positive impact on the surrounding society and the environment, in addition to the business in question. On a team level, I strive to work with individuals who have different backgrounds, because I genuinely believe that diverse teams produce the best results.

Currently, I am busy with different projects, but I am open for fun small projects. Please don’t hesitate to reach out — I am happy to chat about work or play!

I love to know how things are working behind the scene, and I am always trying to grow and learn something new.

Recent work experience

Nov 2022Aug 2023

Shayan Media Services

Full Stack Web Developer

Apr 2020Nov 2022


Senior Software Developer

Aug 2019Dec 2020


Software Developer

Aug 2017Jul 2019


Junior Software Developer